Bull Elephant in Musth Following a Giraffe, We follow the Elephant

Bull Elephant in Musth Following a Giraffe followed by us.

A giraffe burst out of the brush. Something is chasing it said our guide.

We waited to see the lions in pursuit. But it was a bull elephant.

The elephant was in Musth, where they are extremely aggressive and hyper sexual.

It was not clear whether our elephant was following the giraffe to fight it, or was looking for love in all the wrong places.

The giraffe moved on down the narrow road over a dam grade. The bull elephant followed. And we followed the elephant.

I was not too sure this was a good idea.  Our 24 year old guide was knowledgeable but I thought a bit aggressive.  But the elephant ignored us and followed the giraffe till they both disappeared in the bush.

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